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This is the story of a brother and sister who find themselves as accidental stowaways on a space shuttle mission to the planet Mars. The things they see and the things they find will excite the reader’s imagination.
The story is in 14 chapters (8000 words), written for kids aged 4 to 10. It can be read aloud to kids aged 4 to 7, or read alone by kids aged 7 to 10. There is also a 32-word glossary at the back on the book. In the story, the defined words are underlined.


Excerpt 1 (142 words)

As a nine year-old, she also knew a great deal about what was going on right now on Mars, about the new space settlement that was about to be completed! Meghan’s father’s next mission was one week away, and he wouldn’t just be floating around the moon or the space station this time. He would be on his first mission to Mars. Some day it would be Meghan’s turn. She wished her time would come soon, but her dad reminded her that she still had many years to deal with such nuisances as high school and university before she would be flying in any space ships to anywhere. It turned out that her father, right though he was about most things, was quite wrong about this one - and, truthfully, he probably used another word than “nuisance” to describe his kids’ education.


Excerpt #2 (298 words)

In no time, the two errant children stood before Commander Ray Johnson, Chief Engineer of the ship, and Navigator Horace. The fact that he was their father wasn’t going to do them any good now. They were in deep trouble, and Johnson had to figure out what he was going to do with them. Blake watched his father’s face morph from shock to anger, fear, and finally curiosity.

“How did this happen? What are you doing here? Just wait until we get home, by golly…”

Blake grinned. “Yeah, about the ‘going home’ part, dad. I don’t suppose you can just head back, maybe drop us off on Planet Earth so we can do our punishment at home? We should probably be grounded for a whole week, heh heh.” Blake tried to make his father laugh the way he’d been able to do many times in the past when he’d been caught breaking the rules. But as could be expected here, Commander Johnson was not in any position to giggle at that moment – at anything. Meghan stared at her toes and didn’t say a word, until finally she managed to squeak out:

“It was my fault, dad. I was trying to check the pressure…”

This made Horace explode. “Are you the ship’s mechanic? No! You should be in school right now learning to, I don’t know, count or something!”

Blake couldn’t pass up this opportunity. “Actually Horace, it’s still August. School doesn’t start ‘til next week.”

Navigators on any ship in the universe don’t enjoy being corrected by anybody, least of all their commander’s smart-alec kids. Horace paused, considered throwing the stowaways out the hatch into space, but then remembered that they were not just stowaways, they were his boss’s children. Nobody would be thrown out the hatch today.


Excerpt #3 (255 words)

Meghan was quite uneasy driving further away from the Settlement. She knew she needed to drive faster if she wanted to outrun the sandstorm, but she had promised her father not to make the dune buggy go faster than 50 kilometers per hour. However, that was before there was any chance of losing Blake to a mysterious hole in the ground.

Looking at the speedometer on the dashboard, she could see that the dune buggy could go as fast as 250 kilometers per hour. She didn’t know how fast that was in miles, but she was pretty sure it would get her one heck-of-a speeding ticket back home on Earth. Of course, nine year-olds weren’t supposed to be driving vehicles at any speed back home. But they weren’t on Earth, they were on Mars. There were no highways or stop signs. Or rules.

Meghan didn’t know where they were headed, but it appeared she had no choice but to trust the stranger. He pointed off to the distance, and she steered. She decided to push the vehicle a bit faster. The ground was bumpy, but the dune buggy seemed to easily bounce over the rocks, bumps and mini craters. As she became more confident, she drove faster. As she thought about rescuing her brother, she drove faster still. With no landmarks close by, she wasn’t able to judge her speed until she glanced down at the speedometer to see the needle moving past 200 kilometers per hour. My dad’s going to kill me, she thought.


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