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CANCER TRIP 2: Alive and Kicking
© 2019 Steve Parton

Almost a year after he was told to get his affairs in order, Steve Parton is back with another brutally honest, and honestly funny, account of living with cancer.

Steve is matter of fact about what he's endured. His refusal to pull punches is refreshingly appealing, and absolutely necessary in a society which assumes disease and death only happen to other people. Steve's strong instinct for storytelling takes us with him through humiliation and pain, laughter, love and, above all else, a desire to live life as fully as he possibly can.

We can all learn from Steve: hope always; love generously; live honestly; laugh often. That he continues to do these throughout one heartbreaking health setback after another is humbling and awe-inspiring.
- JS Veter, Author of "Six"


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