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CANCER TRIP: Curing Cancer with Humour. And pot. And chemo.
© 2017 Steve Parton

Steve Parton is from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has a unique take on cancer, and really wants to not die (yet). He was diagnosed in 2013, and has been using the disease as a platform for humour. It's been a rough journey for him, but he has succeeded in staying positive.

One of the battles he faces is that between conventional and naturopathic medicines. In the book, he shows how he manages to find the best of both worlds, and he uses that to his advantage.

This is written as a journal, but it reads like a fluid book. His is not a story of pity, but one of learning to face a horrible disease with a bit of bravery and a great deal of humour.

From Jeff Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator:
With a shoot-from-the-hip style, Steve Parton writes winningly about a subject that most people avoid like the plague. Namely, the plague, if we can so describe the scourge of cancer, and for someone who's had it come back as Steve has, it must seem that way. Steve's book is not only about the disease and the ravages it wreaks but the shadow of death under which it put him. More than a shadow, the likelihood, almost certainty.

Against that darkness, Steve sets the lamp of his indomitable will, his faith, a delightfully whiplash sense of humour and a strong narrative drive, one that pulls the reader along, not just in sympathy but to find out what happens. Getting readers invested in finding out what happens is, of course, what good story-telling does, and the conversational tone here does not diminish but actually serves to underscore the enormous stakes of the enterprise, and the courage it takes to face it.


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